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Veracross Software, LLC

Help us create the most advanced School Information System out there.


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Our Engineering Team

We have a passionate team focused on improving education for our schools. We use modern technologies, such as Rails, Backbone.js and GitHub, combined with solid database concepts.

Why Veracross?

Our client-base of more than 185 schools provides stability, but still plenty of growth opportunity. We want you to learn, take ownership and ship. Our goal is to help you accomplish this.

Our Team

Learn a little about a few members of our engineering team:

Jeff Fraser

Jeff has been working at Veracross for seven years and is one of the first engineering hires. He has a BS in Math from Gordon College and owns numerous core components of our system.

Some of his notable projects include: a dashboard of visualizations for admissions departments, a data API for school websites and a web-based class scheduler that saves our clients time – from weeks to months per year!

Maria Street

Maria joined the team three years ago following a strong internship with us. Her background is in computer science and her interests include quality assurance and data-driven systems.

In just her first year, she took over ownership of our address standardization and geolocation services. She is currently working on improving the admissions process at our schools by running the technical side of our next generation Admissions Portal.

Dave Jones

Dave joined the team from a brand consulting agency. He brings a passion for cross-disciplined approaches to product development, client service and team-building.

Lately he’s been building and shipping systems our schools use to collect and process various parent, student and teacher requests. He loves working for a company thoughtfully innovating the relationship between technology and education.

We use first-class tools to help build an awesome user experience, including:

SQL Server
Ruby On Rails

Our Environment

We try to empower and excite our team by providing:

Growth Opportunities

We have monthly programs for engineers including Lunch & Learn for professional development and Entropy Hour to encourage informal sharing and learning.

Meaningful Results

At Veracross, our main product helps improve the lives of students, teachers and faculty world-wide. We go home knowing we’ve added value to the world.


One of the aspects of enjoying work is having autonomy. We hire smart individuals and give them problems to solve – this leads to happy teammates and less management overhead.

Top-of-the-line Hardware

Everyone gets fast hardware on their preferred base platform (OS X, Linux, Windows), with multiple 24-30" displays. We’ll buy you a GeekDesk so you can choose to sit or stand.

Cube-free Office

Everyone at our company is placed in private offices. Feel free to retreat into silence while poring over code, or grab your laptop and go collaborate with others.

Sustainable Hours

An engineer’s general work week is between 40-45 hours, but there is plenty of available work. You’ll get paid hourly and receive time-and-a-half for everything over 40, with no limits.


Veracross provides tasty snacks and coffee, and we have monthly luncheons to celebrate our teammates’ birthdays.


Apply Now!

Check out the job description to see if you qualify. Then, to apply, write a short email with:

  1. What excites you about working at Veracross
  2. Any open source, class, web or other software projects you can share
  3. A copy of your resume

Email us via and we’ll follow up!